TAPAS Magzine

My food photographs has featured in Tapas Magazine, Spainmedia.

Here is the article (translated by Google Translate.)

The bananas explode, the eggs break and shine glistening in the foreground, the potato burns melting butter and the tomatoes drip a paint as red as their flesh. The photographic works of Tatsuro Nishimura impact but do not cause the bug to bite, but the view in a very personal way. "In my personal work, I always wonder how I can make an interesting picture of this?" I like to take my time and participate in the creative process, play with lighting, composition, texture and style. all the elements of still life photography in food photography otherwise, it simply becomes an image of food, "says Tatsuro for Tapas. Even with all this creative process on the table, the images are still unusual; there are no compositions, there is no Each photo project has a different concept, but my "I like to make my own recipes and, sometimes, edible objects ask me to turn them into something that is not related to food" work with food treats to stimulate visually. I'm not sure I can say that it has a story, but that's the concept behind it. I continue to challenge myself to create unexpected food images. "The objective, in view is, is not to create something delicious," that's the chefs' thing, "he says. The view is the sense in which I am most interested. We are surrounded by food photographs that capture beautiful foods or fresh ingredients. I admit that those kinds of images make me hungry, but I'm not interested in taking pictures like that. I respect the talent of the chefs and the work of the farmers, but I prefer to put my own stamp on things, make my own recipes and, sometimes, the edible objects ask me to turn them into something that is not really related to food Tatsuro finds inspiration interacting with the world and with his own thoughts. "The process to inspire me is very similar to exercising: you can run today and do push-ups tomorrow, the next day doing sit-ups, you follow this kind of routine until you become stronger, faster and more natural. when I do not have a camera in my hands. " or 110 TAPAS March 2019

Fila 96

Growing up in the 90s, as much as I was excited to work on this project, I felt weird about the 90s is already considered as vintage in a way. Well, it was a good era for fashion, music, and culture for sure.

Among the pantheon of footwear greats of the 1990’s is FILA’s iconic 96 model, a silhouette that permeated lifestyle and basketball sneaker fashion in its highest forms. Appearing on the feet of culture leaders, from celebrated hoops legends to the deities of hip-hop, and from the hardwood to timeless photoshoots, the FILA 96 championed an undeniable legacy that lives on more than two decades later.

For 2019, the sportstyle brand is offering this classic in its stately form, while also introducing a Low iteration, complete with unmistakable logos such as FILA’s signature 96 branding. Additional design details include full grain leather, rolled edges on the toe and quarter, the original traction pattern, and leather linings. Ushering in this nostalgic collection are mainstay colorways of white/navy and black – two OGs from the shoe’s peak run in 1996.

The FILA 96 and 96 Low are set to release on FILA.com on February 1, with an MSRP of $120 for the 96 and $110 for the 96 Low.
— Sneaker News