Still Life Photography in Nature

I spent a lot of time in nature this past summer. I was in The Thousand Islands of Upstate NY, Hunterdon County and the Delaware River in Frenchtown, NJ, and Maine. Getting out of my studio and spending time in nature was really great for me. 

During my adventures I collected leaves, branches, and rocks to bring back my studio and photographed them. They are nothing really special, just ordinary objects you can find anywhere in nature. However, I found beauty in their shapes and colors. I stylize them in my studio and photographed them in film with my Sinar 4x5 camera.

The original prints for this series are available at my website.  

Graphis Photography Annual 2018

It is such an honor to have my work been selected in Graphis Photography Award 2018. Graphis is an international publisher of books on communication design and I always wanted to my work in it.  I am absolutely happy about I won the Gold and Silver Awards in 2017 and 2018.